Ursula | 19
singer & music business @ NYU

fucking love bunnies and also my a cappella group the Mixtapes

did a thing
me (left) and roommates from allstate chorus Keira and Lauren :) :) :)i actually want to go back and quit school and justlivein the hoteland justsing. all the time.O:) 

somewhere farther down on my path of life, there’s someone wonderful patiently waiting and hoping for the day i come along. and don’t worry, person, i’m hoping for you, too! and we’ll meet just by luck, and we probably won’t think much of each other at first. but you’ll learn everything about me and want to keep me forever! and you’ll teach me the opposite of heartbreak. and i’ll just say thank you thank you thank you thank you over and over and over again.

heeeeeere i am ;0